Where do I get the App?

For Android Click: Play Store and For Apple/IOS Click: Apple Store. For Windows devices please contact us via the: Contact Form. You can also login through any browser.

How do I add a user to my organisation?

Login to the Web Application and click on Users on the top left hand side. You will see an option to add new user in the center of the page. All users are part of an organisation. If you are not linked to an existing organisation you will have to register one and wait for approval.

How do I register an organisation?

Click Register and fill in the details for the Main User in the organisation and the organisation details. You can also enter the most common animals your organisation deals with. Once you have registered your organisation, we will get back to you with login in details.

Can I edit an incident after uploading it?

Yes - On the Tablet or Phone, Select the Incident and there is an option to edit on the top right hand side of the screen. Once edited on your device it gives you the option to upload the changes.

Can the Location be based on GPS co-ordinates?

Yes. If you have GPS turned on, the app will store the co-ordinates and attempts to find the closest address from google maps.

Can I attach a photo to the incident?

Yes, when recording or editing an incident you can take a photo or attach a photo.

Can I take store a photo of the animal with the incident?

Yes you can take multiple photos/notes of the animal/situation and the will be stored. Use landscape mode on the camera.

What is the Animal preference List and how do I edit it?

Each user can select the Animals they normally deal with. This can be done while reporting or editing an Incident. There is an Options Button just above the field with Species. Click the button and you can select your own animal preferences.

What can I record?

Date and time of the incident, Location, Type of incident, Reason, Species, Age, Quantity, Status/Outcome
You can also record a description of the incident and whether or not the incident is deemed criminal.

How do I Log an incident on the mobile app?

Open the App and you are brought directly to the Log incident page